Staff Vacancies

The Dalriada Festival provides an opportunity to be part of the festival from behind the scenes. However, if you want to work in rigging and staging, sound, lighting, electrics, plumbing, the Dalriada Festival cannot really help you. Many, if not all, of these specialist jobs are provided by different companies who have event experience and are trained in their specific role.
A small number of job openings are available on 16th and 17th July including stewarding, car parking staff, security, stage management and so on. Volunteer and Work Experience Roles also exist.
If you are interested in any of these jobs  please fill in the form below in order to be considered. Please note all applicants must be 16 or over and must have past experience of working at events. Staff remuneration will be based on minimum wage and according to age, as is legally required. Volunteer and Work Experience Roles are also available.  ALL FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE at 12noon. As a small number of jobs are available not all applicants will be successful. Please make sure you read our Working Requirments below.